We are an indigenous event-as-a-service platform.

We help businesses and professionals maximize and monetize virtual an in-person engagements with their audiences

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About Us

Our vision is to build a thriving community economically and socially. Users can generate income using our products by monetizing their events ranging from training, teachings, entertainment, corporate events, seminars, and conferences. Our platform could also be used to raise funds for social events. The possibility of connecting people and communities make our platform an important social tool. We believe in the potential of the enterprise in contributing to the development of the community. There is trust and respect within the team and in our customers. We believe in caring for each other, equality and diversity.

Why Choose Coventi?

Dedicated mobile data-pack
Stream videos on up to 4k screen size
Stream on UHD and adjust to bandwidth strength
Stream on VR
Several event monetization options
Several event customization options



Take your brand to a global audience

Enrich Audience Reach

Expand the reach and coverage of your in-person events by opening it to a larger audience base.

Sell tickets online

Use Coventi to customize your event, issue free/paid tickets, and recruit sponsors.

Track results & ROI

Track statistics and useful data of your events

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